Organize your virtual courtroom hearings for efficient management and easy public access

The virtual Courtroom Directory is the only SaaS product on the market that is made to build, support and promote a technology that allows court administrators to increase public access to courtroom hearings. Our intuitive interface is easy to use, easy to access, and easy to keep up-to-date for jurisdictions of all sizes.

Virtual Courtroom Directory
Virtual Courtroom Directory


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Courtroom Directory

Dynamic Directory Listing

User-friendly access to public information that is Filterable & Searchable by county, judge or district. Virtual Courtroom Directory offers an organized, simplistic way to ensure an increase to public access to courtroom hearings no matter what streaming platform is already in play.

Efficient Docket Uploading

Enjoy the ease of simple Document uploads in one place that, automatically get distribute out to all sites. Administrators can not only manage dockets, but also the court website, judge webcast channels and video conference software, all within the Virtual Courtroom Directory.

Virtual Court Directory
Virtual Court Directory

Real Time Updates & Live Notifications

Never miss a hearing. Not only can users view which courtroom channel is live, but they can subscribe to alerts that will notify them via email. 

Virtual Court Directory
Virtual Court Directory
"Virtual Courtroom Directory is dedicated to enhancing the online judicial experience for citizens and courtroom professionals."

Currently Utilized by Kansas Supreme Court


“Combined with a quick and seamless on-boarding process, we offer efficient product education and training for Administrative Offices managing Courts of all sizes.”


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